Saudade Bundle

get one of each of our roasts for a lower price. this is a great way to try all of our coffees or gift a taste of Portugal to family and friends. add a note at checkout and we'll include it in the order. each roast comes in a 12 oz. resealable bag for maximum freshness


a little about each roast:


the portimão

named after our co-founder's mother's birthplace, the portimão is an organic, medium dark roast blend of indian and central american arabica coffee beans. vibrant taste with mesmerizing brown sugar and caramel aromatics. this portuguese roasted coffee is low in acidity while offering a pleasant, gentle awakening and effective energy boost with a clean finish. 


the lisbon

named after the bustling metropolitan city in portugal, the lisbon is a deliciously well-balanced, velvety portuguese roasted coffee with dark chocolate and roasted nut aromatics. this medium dark roast coffee is bold without the bite, low in acidity and perfect for a pleasurable, quick awakening pick-me-up. 


the cascais

named after the beach where chantal, our co-founder, grew up enjoying her summers, the cascais is crisp and bright. these 100% arabica beans are lightly roasted to illuminate their floral and citrus notes and caramel aromatics. the cascais stimulates the palate with lively, yet smooth complexity leaving you feeling alert and engaged.


Saudade Bundle

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