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Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Photo Credit: Tiffany Barlow/Saudade Coffee

Portuguese roasted coffee is the old, new coffee on the scene. Once a dominant player in the coffee business, Portugal has shifted to the background as other European tastes have flooded the market. You’ve probably heard of prominent European coffee roasts like Italian roast and French roast, which can loosely be described as strong and intense. They’re also easily accessible in most places you buy coffee. Well, allow me to introduce you to the lesser known, but very high in quality, Portuguese roast.

The Portuguese style uses unique roasting methods: longer roasting periods, higher water pressure and lower temperatures to create its distinct characteristics. The result is a velvety smooth, rich, aromatic and inviting coffee drinking experience. You also still get the caffeine you crave but without the acidity and unpleasant aftertaste that can be overwhelming. It’s hard to stop drinking this deliciousness once you start!

Portugal is now growing in visibility due to its culinary depth, wine expertise and coffee culture. Portugal culturally is very home-centric, producing goods for the Portuguese market. When in Portugal, I noticed this trend immediately. Everything I touched: wine, seafood, meat, butter, bread, plates, glasses...everything was made in or sourced from Portugal or its neighboring islands. As the global tourism interest in Portugal grows, the co-founder of Saudade Coffee and I have noticed the prominence of fond memories of the country for those who have had a chance to visit.

I certainly had my own “saudade,” or longing, for all things Portugal once I left, especially its coffee. Finding Portuguese roasted coffee in the United States is quite the challenge. This is why we started Saudade Coffee in Los Angeles, CA. We wanted to bring the coffee we love to the states to share the distinct, authentic Portuguese coffee drinking experience we missed so much. Head to to introduce yourself to a premium Portuguese roasted coffee experience.

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