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Saudade Coffee specializes in bringing the Portuguese roasted coffee we love to your home or business. Our coffee offerings are distinct and perfect for your coffee drinking pleasure. Since the Portuguese roast is not as common as other European styles, we wanted to take a moment to share the prominent features of “The Lisbon” and “The Portimão” and how these beans are enhanced by the unique Portuguese roasting style.

“The Lisbon” is named after the bustling metropolitan city in Portugal, because of its bold taste, full body, enticing aroma and quick awakening (our reference for the caffeine experience you can expect). The Lisbon is great for getting your day started with a manageable boost of energy that naturally tapers off as the day progresses. These beans have dark chocolate and roasted nut aromatics. Though this is great brewed in any way you prefer, we love this in a French press. The Lisbon’s dark chocolate features also make it a lovely choice for a fresh batch of cold brew and provides the perfect balance in a sweet beverage. We refer to these beans as bold without the bite.

“The Portimão,” named after our co-founder’s mother’s birthplace, offers a smooth, rich coffee drinking experience with caramel and brown sugar aromatics and a gentle awakening. The Portimão feels like an all day drinker — it’s easy to start your day with a cup using your favorite brew methods, and then find yourself continuing to enjoy this delightful coffee into the evening. These beans are lovely and most clearly defined when brewed as a pour over, but the richness of The Portimão can be enhanced when brewed in a stove top percolator or French press. If you prefer espresso or espresso based drinks, you will certainly appreciate the depth of flavor and refined caffeine delivery.

For The Lisbon and The Portimão, we suggest buying whole beans and grinding yourself, but if you don’t have a grinder, we’re happy to handle that step for you. All you need to do is go to, choose your beans, then select which grind you’d like based on what brew you prefer. Cold brew uses extra coarsely ground coffee, French press uses coarsely ground coffee, drip or pour over brewing uses medium ground coffee, and espresso uses a fine ground that also works well for your favorite stove top percolator. We only ship ground coffee on Mondays and grind the same day we ship to get your coffee to you as fresh as possible. If you’re just starting out with us, we suggest you try The Lisbon and The Portimão to experience the range Portuguese roasted coffee has. Obrigado and Happy Brewing!

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