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It all started with a trip to Portugal...

Tiffany and Chantal

chantal and tiffany started saudade coffee in 2019. chantal’s maternal family is from portugal - she spent many summers there visiting her family, traveling throughout the country. while her ties run generations, tiffany was newly enchanted by the country’s coffee quality after her first trip there. her love of coffee expanded after experiencing the portuguese roast after every meal.


they both fell in love with the alluring aroma and delightful taste of portuguese roasted coffee that they enjoyed in local cafes on cobblestone streets throughout portugal. after an exhaustive search to replicate their coffee experience proved fruitless in los angeles, they decided to start their own company. 

their vision was to bring premium coffee - roasted portuguese style - to the states.


since then, the two have turned their longing for authentic portuguese roasted coffee into a business that keeps them close to portugal every day. they hope to introduce you to the delight of the portuguese roast and share the comforts of the coffee they love.

obrigado and happy brewing!

  • Saudade Coffee |  Portuguese Roasted
  • Saudade Coffee |  Portuguese Roasted
  • Saudade Coffee |  Portuguese Roasted
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